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Social Media Marketing: Back to Basics

So many people, DIYers and Social Media Pros alike, are running off to start social media marketing campaigns with little or no thought behind them. In most cases, these social media people run right out, get a Facebook Page and start generating tons of content or, worse yet pushing their product and services without taking the time to build out value with their ideal audience. Here are some basic reminders on how to develop a great social media marketing plan...

The 10 Best Apps for Young Professionals

It’s no secret that I am a bit nerdy and obsessed with being organized and on top of things. I'm also obsessed with staying up to speed on the latest and greatest technologies. And since my phone is one thing I simply can’t live without, I'm always searching for great apps to make my work and personal life more efficient.

Are QR Codes Dead?

Lately I have been doing a lot of research for a client on QR codes and whether or not they are worth the time and money. This is a huge debate among marketers. Some love them and swear by them and others feel that their money can be better spent elsewhere. Based on my research, here is the rundown of how QR codes in marketing fair in the grand scheme of things: