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It's OK to Say No

In 2014 I was awarded One Person Wonder by the Michigan Business and Professionals Association—for my work for my work/life balance between my full-time career in public relations, part-time freelance gigs, owning and designing jewelry for Urban Solstice, and my volunteer and community work including a Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan Troop Leader—and from that time on, I have consistently had to answer the question "How do you get everything done?!" And my answer had always been, "I have no idea! I just do!" But the reality of the situation is that I was (and still am) struggling to say "No."

Women in Automotive? Where Are You?

My whole career I've been struggling with the lack of female active involvement and leadership in the automotive industry. Sure, there are women around here. I see them around. But besides the obvious omittance from leadership, there is also a noticeably low number of women who are actively participating in the automotive industry outside of their daily work day.