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6 Self-Care Tips to Keep Your Career on Track

You know what to do and you know you need to put your best foot forward. But how can you do that if you're not feeling your absolute best?! I think the one thing that was so often forget (it's so easy, yet so obvious), is taking care of ourselves. Anything worth having in your life, such as your dream career, is worth working for and along with that is probably a certain level of responsibilities and stress. 

It's OK to Say No

In 2014 I was awarded One Person Wonder by the Michigan Business and Professionals Association—for my work for my work/life balance between my full-time career in public relations, part-time freelance gigs, owning and designing jewelry for Urban Solstice, and my volunteer and community work including a Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan Troop Leader—and from that time on, I have consistently had to answer the question "How do you get everything done?!" And my answer had always been, "I have no idea! I just do!" But the reality of the situation is that I was (and still am) struggling to say "No."

28 Before 29th

Well today's the day... I made it around the sun another time to celebrate my 28th birthday! The last several years I've written a list of things I want to accomplish before my next birthday. I went though last year's list this morning and I guess it went okay but I think I can do better this year!

Movin' On Up!

I'm very excited and proud to announce that I've officially accepted a promotion with Team Detroit. With this move I will take on a writing role on the Global Team Ford communications team.

Work Somewhere Awesome

You will spend the majority of your waking moments at work so you should be doing something you love, in a place you love, surrounded by people you respect that you can mutually support and grow alongside. Thankfully I have had the privileged of starting off my career at an awesome place.

Why You Should Rethink A Career in Automotive

So many of my friends, family, and online connections who recently graduated and are still trying to figure out where they belong. When I suggest automotive, I always hear comments like "I don't know anything about cars," or just a plain "No thanks." If you live in Metro Detroit, like me, then chances are at least one of your parents worked in the industry and at least half of your neighbors did too. The automotive industry in Detroit was huge and booming and then it wasn't anymore and then it laid off nearly its entire workforce. At the time, most of us were in college and family fiances got tough and things didn't go as planned so we swore off automotive. It turned our lives upside down in a bad way. We insisted we wouldn't fall victim like our parents.