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A Career Not a Just a Job

This summer I accepted a new position. This "new" position just happened to be my "old" position. Almost two years ago, to the date, I left a company I had been with for four years in search of something more. I loved my role and the company but I wanted to learn more and experience more of the industry—so I left.

The Trick to More LinkedIn Profile Views is Easier Than You Think

If you ask any recruiter, they'll tell you that your application/resume has to "sell them" within the first minute. And, surprise surprise, their attention spans don't increase when they're sourcing candidates on LinkedIn either. In fact, most recruiters will only spend about 10 seconds on each profile. Crazy! So how can you grab their attention and hold it long enough to really make a positive impression?

Job Seekers: Stop Hiding on Social Media

When I've asked people about their choice to use fictional names on social media, majority cite their job search as the reasoning behind staying hidden. If you don't use your real name, the chances of being found and judged for your personal life by possible employers minimizes. But if you use a fictional name, then employers can't find out how passionate you are about your future career and about your life!