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The Future of Advertising: Is It a Dying Industry?

When I was in college the digital revolution was really taking hold on the media industry and creating quite an upset. It's for that reason that I steered away from being a journalism major and choose Advertising and Public Relations, which a career ultimately in Communications. At the time, newspapers and its traditional journalism were sinking fast and I figured companies would always need to advertise. I always thought advertising was a safe bet, but then I read this on LinkedIn a few weeks ago and it really got me to thinking... 

What Does the Fyre Festival Fail Mean for Influencers?

Unless you've been living under a rock for the last couple days, I'm sure you've heard of the extravagant fail that is the Fyre Festival. Promoted by notable social media influencers, Fyre became the talk of the town over the last few months as millennials started planning their post-Coachella trip. Even Kendall Jenner promoted the festival—although the Instagram photo is now deleted—and was paid a quarter of a million dollars to do so according to a Fyre Festival employee. What does the Fyre Festival fail mean for the future of influencers?