The Magic of Social Storytelling

The Magic of Social Storytelling

We all know the power of storytelling. Stories spark emotion and appeal to our humanity. They connect and engage us. They're fun to listen to!

Storytelling is all about finding your social voice and using creative storytelling to humanize your brand. It is the key to a successful and engaging social presence.

Inspiration for Social Storytelling

Every brand has a story to tell. Even yours! And people want to hear you story, as long as it is unique and engaging. The engaging part comes from crafting a creative story but what about the unique part? How do you create a unique story?

Inspiration should come from your brand's story and mission of your brand. What makes your brand YOUR brand. What about your mission and history sets you apart from the competition. What has made up  your journey? People want to know why you exist.

You can also get inspiration from the people who are interacting with your brand, whether those are employees or customers. These people are your biggest supporters.

No one does anything alone. You are only where you are today because of your supporters. So focus on real people and their stories.

The Magical Story Telling Trends of Today

Just as social media and technology are changing by the day so do the trends that are making the magic happen. Today's trends include video streaming, slideshows, influencers, and transparency.

Video Streaming

Whether it is live video streaming or recorded video that you can share, this content is the most engaging for people today... as long as you keep it short (40 seconds or less).


Made popular by Refinery 29 and Snapchat to be more optimized for mobile, slideshows have completely changed the way people read content on the internet. It's an easier way to digest and quickly move through content.

The NEW Influencer

I'm not talking about paying Kim Kardashian millions of dollars to represent your product, I'm talking about the average Joe. As referenced before, find the people who are genuinely engaged and supportive of your brand and tell their story. Or let them tell their own story. 


It is not always a beautiful story with a happen ending. You have to tell the good, the bad, and the ugly of your brand and it's story. This is the price you pay to be authentic. 

So go forth and make your own magic!

Content from this article was inspired by workshops and presentations given at the 2017 Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications by Ragan Communications. Visit for more information. 

Speaker: Miri Rodriguez, Sr. Lead Community and social Media Support, Microsoft. @mirirod

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