Steady Social Content Streams Made Easy

Steady Social Content Streams Made Easy

Creating content for digital is time consuming and if you're like me, then you're a very small team so resources are short. In a recent presentation by Laura Wilson, Director of Digital Engagement & Social Media at Georgetown University, she stated that as a social media communications professional we need to spend less time creating content and more time working on our strategy and system.

So how do you spend less time creating but still have a strong strategy and consistent stream of content going out? Easy! With brand storytellers, takeovers, and curation!

Brand Storytellers

Brand story tellers are people that you recruit to star in your content. These can be you subject-matter-exerts, your customers, your clients, or your employees. These people will provide you with material and a human-element to your content.

Brand Storyteller Tips:

  1. Identify a "cast" that truly represents your brand
  2. Consider the story lines these creators can tell
  3. Give some content guide rails but creative freedom is key to what creates the magic
  4. Play close attention to metrics to inform future content

Account Takeovers

Account takeovers are very cool and, if done right, very successful however they're stressful to do. Takeovers entail giving your account credentials to a brand ambassador and allowing them to use the account for the day. Ideally they would highlight how awesome your brand is and how they interact with it on an average day.

Account Takeover Guidance

  1. Establish guidelines/rules with content creator
  2. Discuss objectives of the takeover
  3. Storyboard ideas and outline content dos and don'ts
  4. Determine how you will facilitate the takeover
  5. Ensure the content creator introduces and concludes properly

It may also be important to have creators sign a contract to add a bit of seriousness to the takeover and ensure the creator is meeting your goals and playing by your rules.

Call to Action and Curate

I know, you don't have time. Don't wait to have time to create something, curate content from what is already happening out there. If there isn't anything happening, ask your audience to take action and share their story. It's as simple as asking them to show their most recent purchase from your store or sharing their favorite aspect of your brand.


Content from this article was inspired by workshops and presentations given at the 2017 Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications by Ragan Communications. 

Speaker: Laura Wilson, Director of Digital Engagement & Social Media, Georgetown University. @LauraEWilson

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