7 Tips to Boost Internal Communications Engagement

7 Tips to Boost Internal Communications Engagement

As an internal communications person, I struggle daily with getting my employees engaged and interested in our communications. You would think this is an easy win, right? They're our employees, of course they're interested in us. I wish it was that easy!

It's hard but it's not impossible. There's a few things you can keep in mind to boost your engagement with your internal comms;

1. Reach all employees.

Easier said that done, right? Here's some tips: Go beyond email, intranet, and digital signage.

2. Provide information personalized to me.

Segment your employees groups and only give them communications that are relevant to them. You can segment them by location, type (full time, part time, interns, etc.) then create custom content for each group.

3. Include performance data of vital interest to me.

Employees care about the business, when it is relevant to them. Provide departmental and team metrics and, if possible, personal metrics.

4. Deliver real-time communications.

Again, easier said that done. Use better methods of sending communications by pushing them to the employees right where they are that very second. On their phones. There are a lot of employee messaging platforms that allow you to send SMS text messages or you can implement an employee-only mobile app to push notifications.

5. Make content king.

Create frequent, rich and relevant, content updates. And, when possible, use videos often. Videos are the most popular type of consumed content.

6. Solicit input and provide feedback.

Surveys are a great way to understand how your tactics are working. But gathering feedback isn't enough, you have to take action from it for it to really matter.

7. Measure and optimize message impact.

Assess and learn from what you are doing. Did it work? Great. Build on your success. Did it not go so well? That's okay. Learn, make adjustments, and try again.

Content from this article was inspired by workshops and presentations given at the 2017 Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications by Ragan Communications. Visit conferences.ragan.com/disney for more information. 

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