How To Develop an Editorial Process that Works for You

How To Develop an Editorial Process that Works for You

So many channels, so little time! 

That’s the constant battle digital communicators, who want to publish stories for their audiences in multiple formats, face on a daily basis. But how do you deliver the best content to the right channels at the right time?

The answer is the “News Desk” approach, an editorial process that assembles communicators across disciplines (PR, marketing, and internal communications) to plan, execute, and deliver great content.

The News Desk Process

Sounds like a lot to think about, right? It is!

The best way to break down these steps is to set you and your team up for success with a proper cadence of meetings. These meetings, each with their own agenda and desired outcomes, will help you to better prepare, develop more robust ideas, and have enough time to be creative. Plus it will give you time for proper editing and reviews. 

News Desk Meeting Cadence

The purpose of the news desk is to think more broadly about the stories we need and should tell. There should be reoccurring monthly meetings, weekly meetings, and daily meetings.

Monthly News Desk

This meeting should include all the PR people, marketers, SMEs, recruiters, and anyone else who may have something happening. Pick someone's brain. Mostly this is one your subject-matter-experts. Ask them what keeps them up at night, what has been happening lately on the job, what do people need to know, what would people be surprised to know.

Look down the road and create some time in which to work. By looking out into the future, two to three months, you are able to foresee any upcoming story based on events or corporate ongoings.

Weekly News Desk

This is a great time to meet with just your editorial staff to discuss the content and storytelling. What's the best approach? What's the right format? Who's doing what? and What's coming in since the last meeting and what do we have to get ready? Assign stories and be ready to go.

Daily News Desk

Every day the entire editorial staff comes together. Discuss what is going out on the news feed today. What are we saying about ourselves today? Consider whether or not content needs to be reviewed again. Is there an opportunity for news-jacking? How are we going to pitch the story?

Getting into this flow and making the necessary changes needed to implement a news room in your organization may not be easy and it may take some time, but the results are definitely worth the disruption. 

Content from this article was inspired by workshops and presentations given at the 2017 Social Media Conference for PR, Marketing and Corporate Communications by Ragan Communications. 

Speaker: Jim Ylisela, President, Ragan Communications. @jpyjr

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