New Year, Blank Slate

New Year, Blank Slate

This new year means you have a new blank slate. It's like writing a book, every chapter is blank until you fill it. Don't like who you are? Change it. Don't like who you're with? Change it. Don't like where you are? CHANGE IT! The possibilities are endless!

You are the author of your own story.

Now that we have 2016 out of the way, it is time to make room for your best chapter yet—2017. And the best way to to start anew is with a blank slate, both physically and mentally. Here's how:

New Notebook

Whether you're into bullet journaling, list keeping, or just traditional diary keeping, start with a fresh new notebook. Let this book be the blank canvas to tell this chapter of your story. 

Clean Out Your Closet

Literally. Clean out your closet, drawers, and wardrobes. Get rid of clothing, shoes, and accessories that you don't wear any more or haven worn in several months. Get rid of anything that holds negativity (reminds you of bad dates or awful meetings). Do you really need 86 pairs of socks? Or those 10 year old jeans from high school? This is also a great way to make some money on the side if you want to sell your wardrobe on Vinted or Poshmark.

Some things might be destined for the trash but for the stuff that is still in good shape but isn't worthy to sell, consider donating it to a local organization.

Go Minimalist & Organized

Have your noticed how much stuff you accumulate in 365 days? Between free swag from conferences to just random (and unnecessary) things that I purchased or was gifted, I was drowning in stuff. Start fresh by cleaning out those junk drawers and other places your stash stuff you don't use. Get rid of any multiples you may have or things you no longer have a use for.

Keep as much as you can out of the landfill by donating these items. My favorite ways to EASILY donate things around the house are by scheduling a home pick-up with Donate Stuff or through Amazon's new donation program, Give Back Box, where you can fill an old Amazon box with stuff to donate, print a free shipping label, and leave it at your doorstep. 

Once you've downsized, it's time to get organized!

Focus on a New Outlook

The beginning of the new year is a great time to set both personal and professional goals for yourself, as well as change your outlook on your future. Do you want to run that 5k? Or are you trying to get that promotion? Whether you want to do, set them as your goals and immediately work out a plan to achieve those goals. Make a schedule to keep yourself on track. It's important to give yourself something attainable to work towards so that at the end of the year you can reflect on how much you've accomplished. 

Purge the Negativity

Take a few moments to think about what brings negativity to your life. Now what can you do to rid yourself of that negativity? Does that mean removing yourself from a situation? Distancing yourself from someone or something? How will you accomplish your goals and write the best chapter of your story (so far) if you're still carrying around last year's negative baggage? It might hurt, but it's for the best.

Surround Yourself With Good Vibes

Positivity is worth its weight in gold. Physically surround yourself with positive people—people who are supportive and will lift you up as your continue to reach your goals. Spend time every day reflecting on what went well that day and focus on your daily wins. There is nothing more dangerous than that negative thought burning in the back of your mind. Do what you can bring good vibes to your life and every one around you.

So here's to your new year and your blank slate... make the most out of it!

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