5 Must Haves for an Apple Watch on a Budget

5 Must Haves for an Apple Watch on a Budget

So you made the investment and bought yourself an Apple Watch... you love it, don't you? But now you're ready to start accessorizing and everything is just so expensive. 

Have you seen the Hermès leather wrap band for $1,299? Or those beautiful, yet outrageously priced, marble charging stand for $120? Even the alternate bands offered by Apple are crazy expensive. Most of them average over $100.

You've already put out a pretty penny just to buy an Apple Watch. You shouldn't have to shell out almost twice as much so to style it up!

Here are my favorite Apple Watch accessories that fit perfectly into any budget:

Charging Stand

Let's be honest, charging your watch with just the magnetic sensor is difficult. It's so easy to come out of place and stop charging. A charging stand ensures your watch stays correctly placed on the charger for optimal charging. If you look around for these online you'll see them going for $80 and up. And for what? It doesn't come with the actual charger. It's basically just a block of material. It was infuriating... until I came across this bamboo wood charging station that powers both your iPhone and your Apple watch for under $10. What a steal!

Aerb Bamboo Wood Charging Stand for iPhone and Apple Watch, $8.99, Amazon.com

Great Storage for Travel


If you're more of an on-the-go person (with a little bit of OCD) it might be a good idea to have some type of storage solution that will make organizing watch accessories and charging your watch while traveling easier. Meet the TimePorter! This compact travel case holds your magnetic charging disk, power adapter, as well as extra bands to keep everything need and orderly while you're on the go. The built-in spool neatly manages extra cable and the case acts as a charging stand.

Twelve South TimePorter for Apple Watch, $49.99, Amazon.com

Fashionable Bands

The greatest attribute of the Apple Watch is how easily the bands are interchangeable. You could literally swap your bands on the hour every hour if you wanted. The only downside is that Apple's bands are very costly. But since the internet is such a wonderful place, it is easy to find Apple Watch bands at a much better price point. For all my bands, I turn to the wonderful world of Amazon where I've found some bargain brand copies of Apple's bands for a fraction of the cost.

Custom Wallpapers

So Mickey and flowers aren't your thing? Create your own wallpapers easily and with this awesome iPhone app called Mr. Time

You can create your own backgrounds and wallpapers or you can search through the hundreds of user-created wallpapers to use for yourself. The best part is... it's free!

Screen Shield

You've paid a pretty penny for your Apple Watch so you should probably take care of it. The most easily damaged part of any watch is the face. Make sure your watch's glass face remains in tact for the long run with a screen shield from Zagg. They'll only run you $14 but that's a small price to pay for the piece of mind you'll receive! 

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