Why Guest Bloggers Are Your Brand’s Best Friend

Why Guest Bloggers Are Your Brand’s Best Friend

Guest posting is a great way to get additional exposure for your brand and website! If done correctly, guest blogging can substantially increase relevant and targeted traffic to your site, which in turn can result in more customers and clients.

What is Guest Blogging?

First off, let's all get on the same page about guest blogging. Guest blogging or guest posting means publishing articles written by someone else who is not associated with your brand on your brand's website or blog.

The Benefits of Guest Blogging


Some bloggers will want to write for the experience and exposure, while other writers want to be compensated. If you don't have the budget to pay for writers, search out writers who are building portfolios and would do it for free. Or consider paying your writers in free product (this is a good way to build your clientele, too).


By allowing fresh voices to blog on your brand's behalf, you will grow a more diverse blog and audience with minimal effort. Your audience will enjoy and respect this new perspective as you both widen your horizons.


You may know a lot about your particular industry, but you don’t know everything about everything else. By branching out and diversifying your blog's content, you are widening your knowledge base and reach which increases your credibility on a wider range of topics by a wider range of people. Also, it is proven that consumers trust peer reviews more than they trust the brand's messaging. Use your bloggers to become brand ambassadors, gaining the trust of your audience.


When your guest bloggers use links in their posts to show examples, products, or additional information it will slowly increase your SEO for search engines like Google, which will make you rank higher in the search results. However know that Google hates repetitive, spammy content so make sure your guest post is original with good to great quality and Google will be fine with it.


Together with your guest bloggers you can do great things. Your brand has your audience and your guest bloggers have theirs. They will use their network to promote their posts earning you a new audience that you may not have reached otherwise. When looking at perspective bloggers, consider their followers on public profiles like Twitter, Google+, and their blog.


By recruiting guest bloggers, you are giving them the opportunity to share their material and increase their visibility as an expert on the topic. In return, you have the opportunity to capture a new audience, increase traffic for your own website, and gain new social followers. By not having to do the bulk of wring in-house, your brand will earn back valuable manhours that can be put to use on new initiatives and exciting projects.

What To Watch Out For

Unfortunately, guest blogging isn’t always sunshine and roses. If you're opening your site up to guest blogging, there are a few things you may want to keep an eye out for:

  • Too many requests by writers, too little time
  • You'll always need to proofread and edit
  • Writers using these guest posts for their own personal agenda (i.e. promoting their own brand/product or being paid by another brand to promote their product on your site)
  • Being overloaded with terrible posts you have to sift through
  • Writers including links into a post that could get your site banned or punished by Google and other search engines
  • Writers that sound credible and and make amazing promises, only to produce a bunch of nonsense

Running a guest blogging program does come with its issues but its rewards far outweigh the obstacles. 

Brands Doing It Right

Guest blogging is a very popular digital marketing tactic. One of my favorite brands that is doing guest blogging right is Eagle's Nest Outfitters (ENO), a camping hammocks company. Understandably, there's only so much you can say about hammocks however their bloghas an amazing assortment of articles, all guest written, which cover travel tips, reviews on non-hammock products that enhance the hammock experience, personal travel stories, and community and environment-focused pieces. Some of the articles don't even mention ENO at all but are still a booming success. Why? Because ENO has used it's guest bloggers to position itself as an expert in outdoor experiences, rather than hammocks alone, widening its reach and audience base.

How To Find Guest Bloggers

How does it work? As a brand you would need to actively recruit bloggers to write for you. You can recruit writers by using your social platforms to send an open invite to your audience, use a freelance service,  or search for writers who are influential in your field/industry and contact them directly.

Ready to Get Started?

Are you ready? Look no further! I have a versatile background in guest blogging for various industries on a wide range of topicsincluding jewelry, technology, cars, tourism, finances, home owning, and moreand I would be more than happy to help you expand your brand’s social reach. I also can act as a "blogger wrangler" and facilitate and organize your guest blogger program. For more information, visitwww.katelyndavis.com or contact me directly.

Have any more questions? Leave them in the comments or contact me.

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