The Trick to More LinkedIn Profile Views is Easier Than You Think

The Trick to More LinkedIn Profile Views is Easier Than You Think

If you ask any recruiter, they'll tell you that your application/resume has to "sell them" within the first minute. And, surprise surprise, their attention spans don't increase when they're sourcing candidates on LinkedIn either. In fact, most recruiters will only spend about 10 seconds on each profile. Crazy!

So how can you grab their attention and hold it long enough to really make a positive impression?

Add pictures!

Pictures are worth a thousand words!

In fact, and any media at all will go a long way. Multimedia content can increase visibility on digital platforms up to 552%, according to PR Newswire. Approximately 90% of what we process on a daily basis is visual—and we process visual info 60,000 times more quickly than text. Plus, the majority of people are “visual learners,” which means the best way to truly reach them. So by including photos and video into your profile you will be creating a more visually stimulating environment that will allow you to turn more heads!

How To Add Multimedia to Your LinkedIn Profile

There are a couple different options to adding photos and other multimedia assets to your LinkedIn profile. Each is uniquely designed to help you stand out from the crowd:

Profile Image and Header

To make sure you're putting your best foot (or shall I say, face) out there, your picture should convey your competence, likability, and influence. You can read my tips here for a top-notch profile picture. But the second part of your first impression is your header image, which is technically the first thing a visitor will see when they visit your profile. This image should be professional, of high quality, and consistent with your personal brand. Bonus points if you can match it to your profile picture! Your background header should not include words as much of the image is obscured by your profile blocks.

Published Posts

Not only is the published posts section a great place to showcase yourself as a subject-matter-expert, it also is another opportunity for you to add some color to your profile. I have been blogging for well over 10 years about social media and tech so I have some great content that I can cross-promote on my LinkedIn page using its publishing platform. If you aren't blogging, maybe you should! When selecting your thumbnail image, make sure they have some consistency, whether that's in subject matter, coloring, theme, or quality.

Your most recent three posts will reside on your home page, near the top.

Position Highlights

Under each and every position you have listed on your LinkedIn profile you are able to add several multimedia files, which include documents, photos/images, links, videos, and presentations. 

Adding any of these to your profile will not only add a visually stimulating element to your page but it will also give you a platform to showcase your work and, once again, position yourself as a subject matter expert. 

Use this section to call out awards you've won, extraordinary work you've completed, an exciting milestone, or any thing else that is professional and work-related that is eye catching. 

As with a lot of things, a little goes a long way. Don't overkill it. Restrict yourself to 2-3 multimedia files per position. 

So you're probably asking yourself, "Who is going to take the time to look at all this stuff?!" And the answer is: No one. The truth is that these multimedia elements are meant to bait recruiters and networkers to staying on your profile long enough for them to be intrigued by you. The average visitor may look at a couple, which is just enough to  instantly make you look more credible and professional.

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