National Day of Unplugging: Power Down for 24 Hours

Today at sundown begins National Day of Unplugging--a day where people are encouraged to power down and unteather themselves from technology.

According to the cause:
The National Day of Unplugging is a respite from the relentless deluge of technology and information. With roots in Jewish tradition, this modern day of rest was developed by Reboot as a way to bring some balance to our increasingly fast-paced way of life and reclaim time to connect with family, friends, the community and ourselves. Shut down your computer. Turn off your cell phone. Stop the constant emailing, texting, Tweeting and Facebooking to take time to notice the world around you. Connect with loved ones. Nurture your health. Get outside. Find silence. Avoid commerce. Give back. Eat Together.
Internet addiction is growing among users and studies also show that being constantly plugged in is also causing psychological issues. So although 24 hours of being away from the internet seems like a relatively short amount of time in the grand scheme of things, it be detrimental to emotions and stability of those with an addiction but it could also relieve some of the psychological and anxiety issues that arise out of over use.

I have to admit that I am guilty of technology and internet over use... but when you love something so much, how can you leave it alone? I know deep down that I need to start removing myself from technology for some much needed "time off."

So take the time to turn off your gadgets and enjoy the world. Unplugged does not mean unconnected. Reconnect with the people, places, and things you have excluded by living an entirely digital life.

You can take the official pledge to unplug, here if you are interested.

Are you prepared to unplug for 24 hours? What will you miss the most? Or if you can't participate, why not? I'm curious to see both sides of this argument since I feel like I fall somewhere in the middle.

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